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Welcome to the online home of Egress Marking Solutions, utilizing the revolutionary E-Lume-A-Path™ Marking System.

E-Lume-A-Path provides an uninterrupted illuminated path to the nearest exit with a continuous light source located near the floor and around the doors of the appropriate emergency exit paths. E-Lume-A-Path is illuminated by FLATLITE™, The world’s widest, thinnest, longest lightbulb™, a State-of-the-art electroluminescent lighting technology that is the most visible, flexible, efficient and durable light source in existence.

As the exclusive FLATLITE licensee for egress applications, Egress Marking Solutions combines this patented technology with specially designed power supplies and fixtures to create a system capable of hundreds of feet of light with virtually unlimited battery backup time.

E-Lume-A-Path is intended for new or retrofit installation in all types of buildings including high rise towers, schools, clubs and theaters, hotels, health care facilities, commercial offices, multi-unit and dormitory residence buildings.

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